Monday, February 18, 2013

Boneyard Bastards

  It has been a while... But we haven't disappeared anywhere. Actually we've been busy setting up our new rehearsal space, rehearsing and planning ;-) So here is a little bit of news for all of you. We have decided that with the new lineup and new start we will also leave behind our old name the JPKALLIO.COM and start fresh... well... freshish ;-) So the new band name is... (drum roll, dim the lights)

  Boneyard Bastards

  With this name change we decided to move our Facebook page and website as well. So go and make friends with us on Facebook by clicking HERE,  Action!

  Our web site will be online shortly and we'll keep you posted on that.

Also we will be playing in the Fibbers on  the Quays this Thursday the 21st of February, which we just can't wait! The night kicks off at 8pm and on the bill there are: Penrose, The Midget Monkeys and Boneyard Bastards. Plus before and after the bands there is singer songwriter night. Should be good. So start your weekend early and come along.