100 concert challenge

For any band to have value, they need to have following and a fan base. As an example and an experiment as part of this blog jpkallio.com has set out to perform their first 100 concerts. I will try my best to document this here, with photos, videos and details on how the concerts went. Also I will include little bit about our promotional tactics. Hope you will enjoy it:-)

    10th of March 2011
    jpkallio.com @ Live and Unsigned night in the Pint

This was our first concert. Five songs: 1. News 2. Flying high, 3. Let me tell you tonight 4. Right out of here 5. Everybody dies. Within these five songs we knew this is what we want to do. There would be no stopping us now! On the night we had small stickers with the band name and we stuck them on people that came to see us. It was good night and one we will remember long time to come:-)

Thanks to Billy, you gave us our first gig:-)

    31st of March 2011
    jpkallio.com @ Captain Americas

Captain Americas was our first gig with a full set. We played just over an 1 hour set:-) I must say I am pretty proud of that after just 6 months or rehearsals. It is a nice room they have for the music. We had A4 forms printed out for people to join our mailing list and this I must say worked great:-) We also gave free EPs to all the people who stayed till the end. Here is a video of "Flying high" from the night.

Set list:
1. Abandon ship
2. News
3. Just because we can
4. Alive
5. Glory to the world
6. Simple man
7. Flying high
8. Let me tell you tonight
9. I would not have it any other way
10. I don't care anymore
11. Just before Sunrise
12. Laugh out loud
13. Right out of here
14. Everybody dies

    11th of April 2011
    jpkallio.com @ The King Kong Club

Rocking battle of the bands! Had a great time:-) Three songs, few pints (maybe few too many...) of Hollands finest was had and the band really clicked on the stage first time. There is always a time in a new band when you are bit uncomfortable on the stage, but this time there was none of that. Just intensive explosion of energy.

The set list on the night was:
1. Flying high
2. Right out of here
3. Everybody dies

Thanks to Hazel and Keiron

   4th of May 2011
   jpkallio.com @ Festival 4 Play
 Mixed emotions about this one, as our bass player Tomek (Qra) was out of action. The hard work at his day job had damaged his back in a bad way. But it would have been too late to let the organizers down, so Krystian Mazur stepped in with only 24 hours notice. Krystian did a great job in what turned out to be very quiet night in the Pint. But we got to run through the set, heard some good music and got two more gigs:-)

Set list:
1. Abandon ship
2. News
3. Just because you can
4. Right out of here
5. Flying high
6. Waisted mind

Thanks to Taran for the sound and Rhonda for taking such a good care of us. Hope to work with you guys again in the future.

  5th of May 2011
  jpkallio.com @ Arthurs bar Live
 This was battle of the bands in the Courtyard hotel in Leixlip. Great night, great sound and such a lovely bunch of musicians:-). Qra still out of action, Krystian on bass. Made some great new friends and contacts.

Set list:
1. Abandon ship
2. News
3. Just because you can
4. Right out of here
5. Flying high
6. Waisted mind

Thanks to Lynda and the Courtyard hotel for having us, and Trevor from Citysound for a great sound and excellent back line.

  19th of May
  JPKALLIO.COM @ The King Kong Club Semifinal
  We were delighted to hear that we got the wild card from the King Kong Club, and got to play at their Semifinal in the Upstairs venue in the Village. What can you say about this venue? It has superb sound system,  amazing lights, just a pleasure to play. Musically I would say we played our best concert to date. But the competition comes down to how many people you can bring in to support you, and even after hundreds of Emails, texts and big push on the socialmedia sites, we were not the ones to bring in a big crowd on the night. But we still are very new band, and there were bands there who have been at it for years and could bring in a big following. But we had a great gig, made some new fans and friends:-)

The Set list on the night was:
1. News
2. Everybody dies
3. Waisted mind

Thanks once again to Hazel, Keiron and all the sound and lighting crew at the Village.

  25th of May
  JPKALLIO.COM @ Music Medium live night at Sweeneys
  Sweeney's on Dame street is a buzzing bar with two proper venues and live music in the main bar as well. The upstairs venue is probably best known, but the basement venue is very nice as well. The Sweeneys have good sound systems and a top notch back line. The Music Medium live are a new company that is running a singer songwriter night on Tuesdays in the main bar and most weeks they have "Juke box slot" in the basement in Sweeneys. It was our first time working with these guys and I must say I have good feeling about it, they just might go far:-) We played rocking late night set, and already are looking forward to play there again:-)

Set list on the night was:
4. Abandon ship
5. News
6. Waisted mind

Big thanks to: Tamala, Russel and WillBurry.

  15th of May
  JPKALLIO.COM @ Upstairs in Whelan's
  Whelan's is a venue that has been a part of music scene for a long time and few years a go they added the upstairs venue. This is a venue built to a professional standard. Sound system is ideal for the room, not too big, but still well able to deliver that rock punch. The sound man (Chris) was a true professional! Took his time to make us sound great:-) We had few sleepless nights before the gig worrying if any one will turn up... But to our great delight the room filled nicely, even on a mid week night:-)
  The Wicked few played support for us and they were in great form, the best gig I have heard from them so far. Our set was a stormer, and nearly killed Sebastian;-) Just a great night all around. On the back of the success of this night we will be looking in to organizing more of our own gigs in the future.

The set list on the night was:
1. Flying high
2. News
3. Right out of here
4. Just because we can
5. Glory to the world
6. Just before sunrise
7. Forgive my self
8. Simple man
9. I don't care anymore
10. Let me tell you tonight
11. Abandon ship
12. Misery
13. Waisted mind

Big thank you to Chris on the sound and all the organizers in Whelan's for having us.

   6th of July 2011
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Music Medium live night at Sweeneys 
  Wow! I didn't really know what to expect from this night, but it ended up being a stormer! Good music all night, James Mitchell and the Casement Ghosts to mention few. We played one of our best sets so far. Hopefully back here in September.

Set list:
1. Suck it up
2. Misery
3. News
4. Flying high
5. Forgive my self
6. Waisted mind
7. Everybody dies

Big thanks again to: Tamala, Russel and WillBurry, you guys rock!

   14th of July 2011
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Live and Unsigned night in the Pint 

  In the greater scheme of things, I am sure this is not a big thing, but for us playing our 10th concert does feel like one big ass deal! We are so delighted to that we got this far, and now there is nothing stopping us. The Live and Unsigned night was our first concert, so it was very cool to be back here for the 10th concert:-) Billy runs one of the best band nights in Dublin, you never play here for an empty room. To our great delight we won the competition this time:-) But we were also delighted to hear some great music and make some new friends. Sketch! is a young punk rock band from Monaghan that you should check out! Our set rocked, you can really start to feel the experience as a band that you get from 10 concerts. Now it is onward and upward to the next 10 concerts :-)

Set list:
1. Forgive my self
2. Suck it up
3. Misery
4. Flying high
5. Wasted mind

Big thanks to Billy for continued support and Steven for making us once again sound so damn good!

   9th of September 2011
   JPKALLIO.COM Punk Rock Mayhem Show
   Fibber Magees

To celebrate the first birthday of our band, we decided to get some friends together and organize a show. To our delight all the bands we asked, were on for it:-) So first here is some photos from the night in the running order of the show. The first band on the stage was 9thlife!
  The lads took no prisoners! The tracks from their brand new E.P. sounded brilliant live, and they wrapped up the show with a cracking metal version of Queens We will rock you.
  Next on the stage was the Casement Ghosts. Mike's voice ripped through the room and their HC punk rock got the last stubborn bums off their seats!

 Sketch! was next, and these young lads really know how to rock! Their straight forward punk rock took the show to next level, and the shirts came off :-D
  Then it was time for JPKALLIO.COM :-) It had been over month and a half since our last show, so it was time to get back on the saddle again ;-)
And here is our set list from the night:

1. Right out of here
2. Suck it up
3. News
4. Abandon ship
5. Just because we can
6. Glory to the world
7. Simple man
8. Just before sunrise
9. Flying high
10. Forgive my self
11. Everybody dies
12. Misery
13. Wasted mind
14. I don't care anymore

As for the running of the gig, I must say big thanks once again for everyone who came in. We had a good crowd:-). We are hoping to make this an annual event.

Once again thanks to Taran for brilliant sound!

   23rd of September 2011
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Purpleroom  
  This concert was our first time in Drogheda. There is no sugar coating things, it is always tough to break in to new market, but we ended up booking a gig the day after Arthurs day and the day before Primordials Dublin date... Ah well, live and learn. Every band goes through this at some stage and it is part of the craft. But we were happy to make the new contact. Purple room is very nice venue, and we'd love to be back there soon:-)

Selist to follow

Big thanks to Darren :-)

   7th of October 2011
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Roctober
   Fibber Magees

  Another battle of the bands, this time organized by one of Dublins legendary underground venues. We were delighted to be part of this, and as always we got to meet some cool bands. Check out Pimps and Gimps from Bray, some proper punk rock! Us and Pimps and Gimps got to the second round:-) Unfortunately we don't have any photos from the night:-( If you have any, send them over to us. Back in the Fibbers on the 19th of November.

Setlist to follow

Big thanks to Taran for the sound once again, you're the man!

   19th of October 2011
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Music Medium live night at Sweeneys 
  It has been  few months since we were in Sweeney's and a s result of random act of events we ended up there twice in one week. The first one was our old friends Music Medium Live and their Juke Box Slot. It is great to see the night grow in to such a great way. It was a night of music from some very moody singer songwriters to some country folk to indie rock to... well... us :-D. If nothing else, we brought lot of volume to the night;-).

The Set list on the night was:

1. Wasted mind
2. Misery
3. News
4. Bring out your dead
5. Everybody dies
6. Forgive myself

Thanks to Music Medium Live once again:-)

   22nd of October 2011
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Upstairs in Sweeneys 

 Saturday night gig in Sweeneys is lots of fun:-) Our second appearance in Sweeneys in one week. We got on the stage around midnight. The upstairs room is nice. Even though the basement stage is bigger, there is something magical about the upstairs. There were several bands on the night again and all of them were doing longer sets. The band that stick to mind most were the ELK, check them out:-) We rocked the house for about 45mins and enjoyed every minute of it!

   19th of November 2011
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Roctober semifinal
   Fibber Magees

 The Roctober semifinal had brought the standard of the competition to very high level! We were blown away with every band on the night. Pimps and Gimps were back in as well, and I must say I really like what they do. On top of it all they are really nice guys as well:-) JPKALLIO.COM were fresh from the few days recording in the Trackmix studio and you could hear it in the set. Could have been the tightest set we played.
To our delight, we got to the final:-) but unfortunately two thirds of the band happened to be out of the country at the time, so we had to pull out. To our delight the wonderful Theories Divide got our spot in the final. They are a great Dublin band as well, that that you should check out. Once again we have no photos from the night, so If you were there and snapped something on your mobile phone, please send them on to us:-)

   13th of April 2012
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Open Trades-Club
   Adelaide Bar, Sligo

 Well most of you know by now that we had a pretty crap start to the year... But by April we were back on our feet, armed with new member, Patryk on guitar. So it really was time to get out to play some concerts again. So we packed the car and headed to Sligo town, in to the Open Trades-Club in the basement of the Adelaide Bar. The night had a great warm feeling to it, you could see that most people knew each others. The evening proceedings were kicked of by the wonderful Excuses, they rocked the house with conviction. Next it was our time, and all those months of not getting to play came out and we were back on the saddle:-). If this concert was a taste of things to come with our new lineup, we would be very happy! Also on the night we had Joy of Six, who delivered solid set of covers and the headliners of the night Dirty love from London, who tore the roof of the building! Great night! Big thanks to Jasper and the Open Trades-Club for having us.

   19th of April 2012
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Subterranean
   The Submarine bar

  This was our first time in the Submarine bar and we were well impressed! It is a massive place and a beautiful venue. This night was a battle of the bands organized by Music maker with the Submarine bar. We were the first band on. To our amusement, there was a decibel meter facing the stage. It hit the read when we started and only cam down when we got off the stage... Anyway, the turn up on the night was bit on the quiet side, but we had loads of fun:-)

   20th of April 2012
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Bliz bandslam
   The Slaughtered Lamb

 Once again we were in a new venue. This time it was the Slaughtered Lamb in Swords and another battle of the bands. This time there was an impressive line up of Eight bands! Due to the draw, we were the second last on. But once again the band pulled it all together and delivered a kicking show! There were some great acts on the night as well. LotusEater especially impressed us. We got on to the second round and will be back in the Slaughtered Lamb on the 11th of May (J.P.s birthday!).

   25th of April 2012
   Sweeney's bar

 Gig number 20! Ah yeah, only 80 more to go in our concert challenge... So this time we were back in the basement of the Sweeneys bar. I must admit that this was always a bit difficult place to get people to come in and this time was no different. But we were really looking forward to the night as the wonderful Kerouac were playing with us. We were on first. The chemistry between the four of us is really starting to come to its element, every concert seems to make us all bit more relaxed:-) We rocked out a respectable 40 min set. After us the Kerouac rocked the house! I've seen them quite few times now and they always deliver! If you haven't yet, check them out. Once again big thanks to the Music Medium Live for their continued support.

   26th of April 2012
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Live and unsigned
   The Pint

 There are times when things go wrong, but something good comes out of it. The Pint had an unexpected closure of the upstairs venue due to fire regulations. But this seems like only a small issue which I am sure they will fix as soon as possible. But as an result the Live and Unsigned night was organised downstairs bar. Obviously the stage was small and the sound system more suitable for a bar than a venue. But the sound man Steven still did a great job getting the levels between all the amps and vocals to sit together. Any one who ever went to a gig upstairs in the Pint knows that this man does excellent job on the sound. But as a result of this intimate setting few of the bands ended up having a great intimate sets, there was moshing and what looked like the worlds smallest circle pit. Damn, where's the camera when you need it;-). Great gig!
Also our good friends the Sketch! were playing and as always they rocked the house!

   4th of May 2012
  Rock n' Roll road house show.
   The Thomas House

 Once again we took on the task of organizing our own night. We wanted to get Kerouac to Play with us and to our delight they agreed. But only days before the concert, Aaron the lead singer and guitar player got in to accident. Understandably they had to pull out. To our delight the Joyful Noiz jumped in to help us.

   1st of June 2012
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Foad Musick night
   Sweeney's bar

This was our first show for the Foad music, a great company that started as the Record label for the legendary Dublin punk band Paranoid Vision. Now they have expanded and have impressive list of albums by some of the best Irish punk bands on their label and they organize loads of great gig nights around Dublin. Sweeney's basement has always had bit mixed emotions for us, personally I like it ;-) It's a kind of dive that great Rock n' Roll is right at home. But in the usual fashion all the equipment is pretty beaten up and some of the lads find this bit frustrating... But hey, show must go on.
  Playing for the Foad music night was a great night and the turnout was great. We hope to work with Foad Musick more in the future.

   6th of July 2012
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Foad Musick night
   Liz is Evil CD launch after party
   Sweeney's bar
 So back in the Sweeney's. There had been some serious work done to the room! The dreaded support pilar right on front of the stage had been moved!, the bar had been changed to the other side of the bar. Suddenly You got the feeling that Sweeney's are willing to make something great out of the room. The night was a bit of a crazy one as half of the equipment was missing, but the Pagan riot saved the night by organizing a drum kit at last minute.
  We had bit mixed feelings... The night was great, music was great, but this was Sebastians and Patryks last concert with us. We will miss the guys and wish them all the best. Once again thanks to Foad Musick.

   1st of September 2012
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Foad Musick night
   Sweeney's bar
 We were delighted to be playing with the wonderful Pimps & Gimps once again, also playing support for Patrik Fizgerald who came over from London for the show. This was also first concert with our new lineup. Des Gorevan was on the drum duty. It was once again one of those gigs where you ended up really enjoying your self even more than you expected :-). Des did amazing job learning the set with only few rehearsals, and he rocked it! Me and Qra are delighted to have him on board.
  Once again big thanks to Foad Musick

   10th of November 2012
   JPKALLIO.COM @ Live and Unsigned Rock / Punk night
   The Pint
 This was our first time in the Pint since they moved the bar. The venue really looks great! Dave was on the sound and as always, the Pint has one of the best live sounds for a rock band in Dublin. We had a great set and also we were delighted to see My Mind Races! live for the first time. Check them out!
  Thanks to Billy and Live and Unsigned for the gig.

Future concerts