Over the years working as a musician and promoting almost every single band I have ever played in, I have required a set of skills. And I do offer these skills to other musicians and artists. Playing music is still my number one passion, and it will always come first, but with in the limitations of my time I will offer the following services:

   I have portable recording setup that I have used for the recordings of I also do have years of experience working in studios as an engineer. So if your band needs a good quality demo, or E.P. I can set up recording in your rehearsal rooms, home or wherever you like (as long as it has electricity and its dry ;-) ) Also for singer songwriters and acoustic bands I can record at my home in Dublin city centre. I know how hard it is for bands to get their first gigs and demos and how expensive it can be, so I offer this as your first step and at budget price.

Web design
   Lot of artists and band are scared to get a website as it can be expensive. But I do offer a web design and set up for bands, also for a fraction of the price of any commercial design company. I also keep my websites musician friendly, fast to load and easy to update from your preferred social media. I'm not really in to any fancy flash sites; no one in the music business likes them.
To get an idea of the basics check out:

Social media
  Weather you like it or not, you need to be out there. I can help you to make more consistent plan, tell you what to do and what not to do. Set up pages, customize them, cross promote. I can do it all for you, but would much rather just get you set up, show you the strings and give you the tools to be independent.

Promotional material
  If you need Band photos, Video, or any other promotional material, anything up to a full press kit, I have small network of people who are as committed as I am helping up and coming bands. None of us are here to get rich on your back, but to offer our help for reasonable compensation for our time. Oh yeah and asking quotes or advice will not cost you anything :-)