Saturday, October 10, 2015

Broke And Out Of Coffee | J.P. Kallio

Broke And Out Of Coffee by J.P. Kallio, released 09 October 2015 Broke and out of coffee The wife she ran away with another man She told me I would never understand He makes her feel like a woman again I'll always love her to the bitter end The bread is stale, all I got is tin of beans Never got around to fix that god damn leek The mailbox is filled to the brim Unpaid bills sure makes it look so grim But I don't mind about it all so much Even though life's looking kind of rough There's only one thing that really gets to me Being broke and out of coffee ain't a good place to be She took the dog and left me with the cat That old dog was the only friend I had Yesterday I got a letter from the court It seems she is filing up for a divorce This house I built with my bare hands On my dear old grandfathers land She wants to sell it and move out of town But l think I rather burn it to the ground

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